Karen Onorato

Yellow Pig Day


Yellow Pig Day

Yellow Pig Day was a monthly collaborative art project celebrating the United States' wide array of bizarre national holidays. Each day was randomly assigned to an artist who created whatever they wanted based off of that theme: a painting, drawing, photo, sculpture, animation, movie—anything at all! Whatever the end result, it was posted on yellowpigday.com for all to enjoy. 

I am the creator of Yellow Pig Day and also a contributing member. Here you will find a selection of the artwork I’ve created for the site.

Contributing artist


Play-Doh Day

I love the smell of Play-Doh. In honor of Play-Doh Day, I created miniature sculptures of other things that also smell good.


Look Up in the Sky Day

I’m endlessly curious about photos from my past and I’ve always yearned to somehow bring them to life. Look Up in the Sky Day provided me with the opportunity to do just that, reliving this moment on the beach with my grandfather, feeding bread scraps to seagulls.

Gummi Worm Day

Everyone knows the early bird gets the [gummi] worm. In this piece, I used melted gummi worms to create the illusion of stain glass. I’m happy with how it turned out but, boy, was it a mess!


Do Something Nice Day

At Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in Center City Philadelphia, customers can spend an extra dollar on their order and place a Post-It note on the wall. This Post-It can then be redeemed by a homeless person for a free slice of pizza. For Do Something Nice Day, I created a custom pizza font and printed the letters as stickers. I then bought 18 Post-It notes to add to the wall in honor of the holiday.


Mole Day

Admittedly one of my stranger pieces of Yellow Pig Day art, I started with an empty pinata shell to create a felt-covered mole and deconstructed it on camera. Playing it in reverse shows the story of this weird little mole coming to life.

Salami Day

I returned to my favorite medium to create this miniature Play-Doh charcuterie tray for Salami Day.


Teddy Bear Day

I used Teddy Bear Day as an excuse to experiment with stop motion animation.

Raisin Bran Day

I had a lot of fun creating this silly After Effects video for Raisin Bran Day. Not much to it conceptually.